Want your own Boppin school?

We have over a decade of experience in setting up, running and managing dance schools. If you want your own Boppin dance school business, we have everything you need with our unique range of license packages. Let us show you the ropes and get you started in your new business today!

Boppin offers a License package to those with the ambition and drive to open and run their own Boppin school

This package is the ultimate business in a box and will give you the resources, training and support needed to create a thriving dance school business of your very own, without the expensive upfront costs of a franchise.

  • In-depth training course
  • Low start-up costs
  • Your own website and email account
  • Branding and merchandise
  • Proven sales strategies

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Frequently asked questions

When you join our group of licensees, you will immediately be given access to our business development and management team, who will guide you through your training and all of the steps necessary to start and run your school.

The license is an annual fee. This enables you to operate under the Boppin name and take advantage of all our tools, systems, choreography, web presence, brand and unique style of teaching.

As well as keeping all of the profits from your new business, you will also get a monthly commission for all merchandise sold in your area.

There are additional options you can add to your license, which allow you to either run parties, after-school clubs, put on shows or run multiple schools.

Other than the price of the training, there are no upfront costs with Boppin as there would be with a franchise. That means that you get access to all of the information, help and support straight away without have to pay thousands of pounds before you’ve made any money.

To enroll on our Boppin training course costs £250, there are certain logistical and legal requirements before opening a school (DBS, First aid, Sound system etc.) Which you will need to source yourself, but these are all very easy to aquire.

A Boppin school is far more likely to succeed than an unknown independent school, due to the fact that we can offer you marketing strategies, templates for adverts and a ton of digital content, to help you support your enterprise.

​Another great thing about running a Boppin school is the free time it allows you. If you are teaching at your school then typically you will only have classes 2 days a week, leaving you free to focus on your family, career or another Boppin school! If you are hiring teachers and operating purely as a business manager then you will have even more time to focus on your business goals.

Taking on a license means you’ll develop and manage your own exclusive Boppin school, within your chosen territory. Licensees schedule and run weekly Boppin classes, though not all licensees teach the classes. They also sell Boppin T-shirts and hoodies to the students. There are also additional license features where the licensee is able to sell kids parties, after-school clubs and shows.

It does help to have a background in business as well as dance  – though this is also a perfect first time business venture. Don’t worry if you’re new to business, as long as you are motivated, well-organised and passionate then you will build a wonderful school.

Of course! While you run the business side of things, you can onboard and manage you own team of dance teachers. We have years of experience in finding and managing dance teachers. Once they are all trained up and approved by Boppin head office, you’ll be free to manage their hours independently.

You already know about the low start up costs, now for more good news! You only need 13 students to break even, and with 20 students you’ll have made back your start up costs within 8 weeks. An average school has between 40 and 60 students, with those numbers you’ll have easily paid off your start-up costs, as well as the entire year’s license fee within a month – with some cash to spare!

Just want to teach?

If you would like to teach Boppin without running your own school we have plenty of opportunities across the country! 

We are always looking for wonderful and talented dancers and teachers to work with us taking afterschool clubs, and being covers for existing Boppin schools. Once your application has been accepted and you have the neccessary documentation (Enhanced CRB check, first aid, public liability insurance) you will be given your Boppin training, where you will learn everything you need to know to be a fully fledged Boppin teacher.

To apply please submit your headshot and CV to joshua@boppin.co.uk, as well as a short paragraph detailing why you would like to be a Boppin teacher.